Mal Washer

Former Member for Moore, Liberal Party

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Itinerary view

The Itinerary view groups related expenses together using an automated algorithm. It groups flights and car costs for periods where travel allowance claims have been made. It then attempts groups the remaining expenses into logical groups.

Sittings of Parliament (Canberra)

16 Jun 2013 to 28 Jun 2013 — 13 days
Travel Allowance
Date Nights Allowance Location Rate per night Spouse Amount
16 Jun 2013 13 Sittings of Parliament Canberra 260.00 0.00 3,380.00

Ungrouped expenses (Unspecified)

24 Jul 2013 to 26 Jul 2013 — 3 days
Domestic flights and charters
Date Details Origin Destination Amount
24 Jul 2013 Domestic Perth Canberra 1,513.37
26 Jul 2013 Domestic Canberra Perth 1,513.37