Sharon Grierson

Former Member for Newcastle, Australian Labor Party

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Data available for between Jul 2013 to Dec 2016. Graphed time periods show when the flights were claimed, not when the flights were taken.

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All domestic flights and chartered flights (office and electorate) claimed by Sharon Grierson are ranked from highest to lowest based on the value claimed. The top 10 flights are shown here.


Top 10 most visited locations

The 10 most visited locations counts the number of times Sharon Grierson claimed a domestic or chartered flight to or from a particular location.


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Car costs

Payments made for the following:

  • Private-plated hire, insurance, maintenance costs and fuel costs of Commonwealth-leased private-plated vehicles used in the Electorate and in Canberra;
  • Private Parliamentarians use of their private vehicles for travel between Canberra and their home base on parliamentary business;
  • COMCAR the cost of COMCAR trips billed for each Parliamentarian, the figures exclude costs associated with the Parliament House shuttle service;
  • Taxi (Cabcharge) taxi services via Cabcharge;
  • Other costs car with driver services and short-term self-drive hire cars booked through the contracted travel services provider; and
  • Parking costs associated with parking.

Date Details Location Amount
01 Jul 2013 Private-plated Lease (01 Jul 2013 - 31 Jul 2013) 715.46
13 Jul 2013 Private-plated Fuel (13 Jul 2013 - 29 Jul 2013) 165.41
01 Aug 2013 Private-plated Lease (01 Aug 2013 - 31 Aug 2013) 715.46
01 Aug 2013 Private-plated Lease adj (01 Aug 2013 - 15 Aug 2013) -392.35
05 Aug 2013 Private-plated End of lease adj 680.96